Premium Diapers and Sanitary Napkins

Lilac manufacturing originally started out in 1992 with the vision to provide premium sanitary napkins and diapers that would be of the highest quality in the market and affordable to ordinary Ethiopians in need of it. 

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Our Brands

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Makleen Diapers

Our premium diapers are known for consisting of various features including; leak guards, extra layers, elastic waist, wetness indicator, and so much more. Our diapers are also dipped in Aloe Vera for a smoother skin.

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Lotex Sanitary Napkins

Lotex is our flagship sanitary napkin known for its super moisture absorbance core materials for dry feel and extra soft lining for sensitive skin. We have day and night sanitary napkins suitable for women.

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Makleen Sanitary Napkins

Makleen Sanitary Napkin is a rebranded version of our Lotex flagship and consists of all the features in both Ultra Thin and Regular which can hold 255 mm and 310 mm.

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Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins are a big concern when it comes to their availability and hygiene. Particularly in the developing countries, such as Ethiopia, the lack of availability and affordability of premium sanitary napkins is alarming. Ethiopia itself needs more than 1 billion sanitary napkins annually.

Lilac strives to help women in our societies lead a better life through the use of premium hygienic sanitary napkins that go beyond offering the basic value. We provide guaranteed comfort, safety and better skin protection.


Baby Diaper

Our diapers are renowned for their leak lock technology, elastic waists and tabs, extra soft lining, laminated breathable back sheet, and accurate wetness indicator amenities. They come in four various sizes ranging from 'Small' to 'Extra Large' and consist of a variety of packaging. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our most rewarding effort is the contributions we make to our community. Lilac HR consists of more than 80% female employees. Lilac also works proactively in aiding less fortunate communities by donating its products and services to individuals and aid organizations.

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More than Br. 2 million worth donation

80% female employees 

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